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Old Way

Businesses are only focussed around renting attention

Traditional Marketing

Not much can be achieved with Traditional Marketing
and you end up having average results.

LetX Way

Businesses are only focussed around owning attention

Offbeat Marketing

Almost Twice the Leads and Three Times your Average Sales!
Now that's what you call Offbeat Marketing!

Growth Products for Lead Generation, Conversions and Re-engagement

User Re-engagement

Engage and Re-engage Users

Use web push notifications to re-engage visitors & bring them from anywhere on the browser!

Upto 21% more Re-Engagement

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Lead Acquisition

Capture and Convert Leads

Use Gamification to boost your lead acquisition & website conversions by upto 3X!

Upto 33% more Leads

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Website Conversions

Convert Visitors into Customers

Use social proof & user reviews to convert more visitors into leads & sales.

Upto 17% more Conversions

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